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Teorik Eğitim Süresi : 96 ders saati Uygulamalı Eğitim Süresi : 146 ders saati Toplam Süre : 242 ders saati

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18 yaşından gün almış en az ilkokul düzeyinde eğitimini tamamlamış herkes programa katılabilir.

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Peşin: 10.000TL

Taksitle:8000 TL

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  • What is microblading hair technique?
    Unlike an eyebrow pencil that you erase at night before going to sleep, eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing procedure in which a special handheld microblading eyebrow pencil is used to draw strokes that mimic the appearance of real eyebrow hairs. Although it is a similar process to getting a tattoo done, the ink used is much less concentrated than a regular tattoo and is specially formulated for the microcoating process. Microblading is different from the classical eyebrow contouring process.
  • Who should consider microblading?
    While there are thousands of brow products on the market, those who tend to prefer microbubbles want fuller, natural-looking brows, but they don't want the hassle of filling in them every morning or worrying that the pigment won't last throughout the day. Due to congenital, stress, asymmetrical appearance and some diseases, most of the time as a result of wrong applications, a disturbing image occurs in the natural appearance of the eyebrows. As Tuğba Gündoğdu Beauty&Academy, all women who want to fix this in a completely sterile environment with our experts with years of experience can have this procedure done in our center with peace of mind
  • How Long Does Microblading Take?
    Not forever, but much longer than your waterproof brow gel, that's for sure! In fact, eyebrow microblading, microbubble can last 12-18 months depending on your skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure and the products you use. However, touch-ups are needed about once a year, especially for those with oily skin, as the ink tends to fade and blur faster. The biggest advantage of the microblading application was that it made a name for itself with root dyes. Although these root dyes are one or two years old, they do not change color on your skin, they fade in the sun without being oxidized and leave your skin. The natural root dyes we use in our center will definitely provide a natural eyebrow look. ​
  • How is Eyebrow Microblading done?
    First of all, our expert estheticians working in our center are trained and certified employees. Especially those who do this type of operation should have as much skill as a classical cosmetic tattoo specialist. Therefore, you can feel safe and comfortable. Before starting the procedure After the area is sterilized and numbed, she consults the client about the eyebrow shape to be drawn. Pictures like haircuts are created, the direction of the natural eyebrow hairs is followed to create a real natural looking eyebrow, and the process is started taking into account the facial symmetry and age of the client. He also consults the client about the pigment of the ink, which he explains is chosen according to the natural color of the eyebrow hairs and the undertone of the skin. Then continue to draw strokes using a micro-pen. It takes about 40-80 minutes depending on the eyebrow area. After the brows are finished, she applies an aftercare ointment to aid healing, and a follow-up appointment is scheduled four to six weeks later. At this appointment, the final result can be changed if necessary. However, light touch-ups are usually applied.
  • What Should I Consider After Microblading?
    To avoid smudging or fading for the first week, it is recommended to avoid water and sweating and wiping for a week or more. It is also recommended to apply your ointment once a day to accelerate healing. The brows will be darker and slightly redder immediately after treatment is finished, but as the brows heal, the redness and pigment will discolor slightly. "There are no significant side effects other than the brows being blacker as they heal." "If you do not take care of the eyebrows after the procedure and do not take proper care after the procedure, it is always possible to get an infection. All the instruments in our center are sterile, so there is no possibility of infection. MAINTENANCE AFTER THE MICROBLADING PROCESS Wait seven to ten days for the new eyebrows to heal. It is normal for the eyebrows to look crooked during the healing process. If the bumps have disappeared, don't worry, it takes about 4 weeks for the pigment to reappear. During the healing process, the eyebrows will appear dark, and when healed, the color will decrease by 40 percent and the thickness by 15 percent Post-treatment care contributes to 70 percent of treatment success. Following careful instructions will ensure the best possible results for your skin type and a good recovery. Post-Treatment Care InstructionsAfter the First Seven Days of Treatment • Gently wipe the new tattoo with a damp cotton pad to remove all lymph and previously applied cream.• Apply a very thin layer of Vaseline with a clean ear tip, avoid using your fingers. Repeat the process 3-5 times a day to keep the wound clean and prevent crust formation.• Do not pick, scratch or peel the healing area• Do not apply makeup or products to the eyebrows.• Avoid sleeping face down• Avoid direct sun exposure• Avoid exercising to avoid sweating• Avoid getting water on your eyebrows during the shower for at least 7 days or until they heal.• Avoid facial massage, facial steaming and sauna• Avoid getting your eyebrows wet in the shower and while washing your face. In the First 30 Days,• Avoid sunbathing, solarium, light therapies, chemical peels, fruit acids, microdermabrasion and creams containing regeneration factors.Always avoid laser treatments on the treated area (Fraxel Laser, IPL) as they can destroy the pigment and cause burns.Antibiotic use and hormone therapy may cause faster pigment fading. Tuğba Gündoğdu Beauty&Academy will not be responsible for any problems after the maintenance caused by its wrong

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