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Skin care

Personalized Skin Care
We offer customized solutions and products to care for specific Skin problems. 

Hydrafacial Skin Care

It is an ant aging care procedure that simultaneously rejuvenates and removes skin problems while cleaning the skin.

cilt bakım kursu

collagen mask

  • Removes facial wrinkles.

  • Nourishes and protects the skin.

  • It is good for acne, pimples, blackheads and spots.

  • It rejuvenates your skin.

  • It makes the skin smooth.

  • It is a powerful care mask.

Vitamin Detox

With the skin detox, the skin becomes bright and lively. The skin becomes smoother and softer. Also, the black dots disappear. The first step to make our skin look healthy and flawless is skin detox. However, the skin care process is completed with the application of a vitamin mask.

Chalogen Loading

Improved Skin Texture, reduced Wrinkles, acne Scars, fine lines
Stimulates Collagen to promote healthier, younger looking skin.

Pore Tightening

 Deep pore and blackhead cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, intense antioxidant protection
 Soothing redness

Thermage Lift

Thermage lift application, which means face lifting, is an anti-aging method. You should not wait for your skin to sag and wrinkle to get a facelift.

Collagen Mask

This mask, which contains collagen, increases the production of collagen in your skin and completely eliminates wrinkles. In this way, you will look younger and you will have a look that has been made botox.

cilt bakımı

cilt bakımı

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